Your Spring Landscaping Checklist

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Your Spring Landscaping Checklist Spring is just about to begin, March 20th, to be exact. If you love gardening, landscaping, or just spending time outdoors on your property, then the arrival of spring weather (especially here in Michigan) might seem … Continued

Winterize Your Lawn Equipment

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Winterize Your Lawn Equipment And just like that! Winter is right around the corner, and kids will be playing in the snow before we know it. It is time to pull out that snowblower and get her started up! But … Continued

5 Landscaping Trends You Need To Know For 2020

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Keep Up Your Landscape, Lawn, & Garden This Year It’s never too early to start thinking about your landscape, and because spring is “officially” here, it seems appropriate to start thinking about spending time outside and around our gardens, landscapes, … Continued

Springtime is Near!

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Springtime is close by and we just have to wait out the final remnants of winter! It’s been a long, dark winter, hasn’t it?  We rarely venture outdoors in the cold, unwelcoming, winter darkness. We prefer to hibernate inside our … Continued

Grub and Mole Control

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Grub and Mole Control: What is the Best Way? How can I get rid of those little, but disastrous moles? The best mole control…is grub control. Destroy their food source, and those little pests tunneling through your luscious green lawn … Continued