For over six decades, Clark’s Landscape has been dedicated to providing affordable lawn care & exceptional landscape and design services for Western Michigan residential homes and commercial properties such as yours. Our company specializes in lawncare maintenance in Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas. We are committed to our “Design/Build/Maintain” philosophy so we can achieve whatever landscape and maintenance goals you may have.

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Our landscape design services convey our responsibility to create a unified design that connects the home with the outside. We have very strong feelings about the purpose and goals of landscape design. Good landscape design should reflect the owner that lives inside, bringing the home and the outer areas together as one whole entity.


Going from serving you with landscape design into the building stage, of your project – you deserve the best & most experienced people working for you. Your satisfaction is our goal & we are confident in our employees ability to deliver said satisfaction. At Clark’s we value all of these factors and work to implement them continuously.


If properly cared for, a lawn can last forever. In this day of “built-in obsolesense” that’s pretty cool to consider. The key phrase however, is “properly cared for.” What that means is consistent and correct care. The right treatments, equipment, procedures, and timing.

Our “Design” process is comprised of four steps which involve our working closely with you to determine what vision you have for your outdoor living area and how we can best work together to make it a reality.

  • Step 1: Landscape Planning Sheet
  • Step 2: On-site Meeting
  • Step 3: Computer Generated Design Model
  • Step 4: Final Plan Presentation

Our “Build” phase includes four key components, each of which is critically important to completing your landscape project to your 100% satisfaction:

  • Personnel
  • Equipment
  • Locally-grown Plants
  • Environmental Care

Offering a complete landscape service does not end with designing and building your idyllic outdoor paradise. In order to keep it that way, it needs to be maintained. The “Maintain” portion of our philosophy incorporates the following lawn maintenance services:

  • Lawn Care
  • Spring Clean-up
  • Fall Clean-up
  • Lawn Weeding & Feeding
  • Grub/Mole Control
  • Outside Insect Control
  • Lawn Ant Control
  • Pruning
  • Mulching
  • Weeding
  • Horticultural Service