Winter Lawn Maintenance Tips

Get Your Lawn Ready For The Winter With These Tips...

Getting your lawn ready to face the harsh Michigan winters can be stressful & time consuming. We want to provide you with a list of to-do list that will leave your lawn ready to grow like crazy after the winter season has passed.

1. Rake it out…

Raking is associated with fall right? Normally we rake the leaves up into a pile, and jump in! But we want you to know that raking isn’t JUST for leaves, homeowners are encouraged to rake out the dead grass, break up any soil clumps & make sure their grass roots are protected during the long cold season.

winter lawn maintenance

2. Fertilize & Aerate

Fertilizing your grass will help it have all the nutrition it might need to get through the long winter season, your grass will thank you in the spring, when its jumping up & flourishing green. (Follow the instructions on the package as to not put too much fertilizer down) Aerating your lawn will give some fresh new air to your existing lawn & leaves you with new places to put some new seed down as well.

winter lawn care

3.Winter cleaning…

Make sure that your lawn is free of debris, toys, sticks & any thing else that could smother & kill your grass along with spreading bacteria. Cleaning up your yard before the winter season is a simple task that can drastically help & change your yard when Springtime arrives.

4. Last But Not Least…Have a Plan

Plan out how you are going to protect, feed, and grow your lawn this year. Get your local Landscapers help if you need it. Having a plan will always help you prioritize your lawn & it’s needs.

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