Custom Landscape Design Services

Our Philosophy of Custom Landscape Design

We have very strong feelings about the purpose and goals of custom landscape installation. We believe it is our responsibility to create a unified design that marries the home and the outside areas. Good landscape design should bring the home and the outer areas together as one whole entity, not two separated ones.  They should blend together in a way that brings out the maximum potential and benefit of both, creating a relaxing, calming, “at home” feel.

Traffic flows should be clear and unobstructed between the house and plantings. Decks and patios should work fluidly with the house areas, visually and physically connecting the two together. Windows should open up to landscape views that connect the inside with the outside. Entrance walks and driveways should connect with the home in a safe and welcoming way. Colors should be harmonious between the two. Plantings should enhance and build on the architecture of the home. The more successfully this is done, the more you will enjoy your home and the more value it will have.


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We believe it is our responsibility to create a unified design that marries the home and the outside areas.

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Our Custom Landscape Design Process

Landscaping can be an overwhelming process and many people aren’t sure what to expect when they contact us. We understand that investing a significant amount of money and time in your yard can be scary. Our goal is to put you at ease and make it an enjoyable and rewarding process for you as well as us! 

Step 1: Landscape Planning Sheet

Before we even meet with you, we ask our clients to complete a Landscape Planning Sheet. This comprehensive survey helps us understand how you intend to use your yard, what plants and features you like and dislike, and if you have a particular budget you want to stay within. This helps our landscape designs to tailor a plan to suit your unique taste, style, and needs.

Step 2: On-site Meeting

Once the survey is completed, we like to meet our clients face-to-face and on-site. We want to meet you in person, learn a little more about you, and discuss the project in further detail. Our team will also examine the site firsthand and obtain measurements and photos to work off of.

Step 3: Computer Generated Design Model

We then take this information and begin crafting your custom landscape design on our design software. Our design software helps create a landscape plan that we can use to communicate our ideas and solutions for your yard by providing a visual representation of how your dream yard will look when completed.

Step 4: Final Plan Presentation

When the plan is completed, we invite you in and present the plan to you. We show you examples of the materials and plants indicated on the plan. Nothing is set in stone. Changes can be made at any time.

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The Importance of Great Custom Landscape Design

The most important area to invest in is your entrance, where curb appeal is created and where you set an inviting and welcoming tone for friends and family.

Next in importance are your outdoor living areas.  Here we like to create outdoor “rooms” that integrate with indoor living areas.  These often contain areas for relaxing and dining and enjoying nature.  This is the least expensive room inside or outside of the house and one of the most enjoyable.  It should have privacy and accouterments suggesting it’s a room, furnishings, and details that are similar to your indoor rooms.

Lastly, plantings and flowers create a beautiful backdrop for your backyard lawn areas and provide privacy from the rest of the world.  This may require fences as well as plants and thick evergreens

Other areas that don’t receive much traffic or aren’t visible to the community should receive little or no investment.  Instead, put your investment where you can enjoy it.

We work for you and our goal is to provide you with a yard that you’re pleased with for years to come.

Once you’re prepared to move forward with the project, we draw up a contract. Our typical payment plan is 1/3-down when the contract is signed, 1/3 upon the substantial completion of the project, and 1/3 within 30 days of the invoicing. Once we receive the signed contract and the down payment, we schedule the installation.

As your project approaches the start date, we notify you to give you an exact start date, we contact MISDIG to mark any utilities in your yard, and send you care instructions for the plants that will soon be growing in your yard.

A Word about Project Size:

We understand that every client has different needs and situations. Not every client is able to landscape their entire yard all at once; some prefer to complete their project in phases over several months or even a couple years. Some even prefer to do the work themselves but want a great landscape plan and a source for plant materials. We understand that.

We’re happy to design a comprehensive landscape plan for you, then install it in sections as your budget allows. If that means breaking up the landscape plan into four sections and installing one section a year, we’re good with that. We’re also happy to sell you the landscape plan and materials and let you do all the work yourself. We’re flexible and are prepared to work with you to help realize your dream for your yard.

We’re happy to answer any questions you have at any time.

Our goal is to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible for you.