Best Landscaping Tasks and Updates to Do in The Fall

Some people don’t realize that fall is a great time to get some landscaping tasks done as well as maybe implement a few updates for your home, lawn, and landscape as well! Fall provides cooler weather for plants you might be planting as well as cooler weather to work in as well which can be a plus for many people. If you aren’t sure of what you could do this fall to work on your home, read our blog today to get inspired.

Planting trees

Did you know that the fall season can be one of the best times to plant trees? Especially evergreen trees! Evergreens can add so much to a home’s landscape – they give a consistent pop of cool color to your home no matter what season it is. They also serve many other practical purposes, you can use multiple evergreens to form a wall between you and your neighbor, you could also use multiple to block off your house from the road or, depending on where you live, they can form a natural dust barrier. There are lots of benefits to adding in evergreens to your landscape, and like we said before, fall is one of the best times to plant them. Evergreens bud and produce new growth in the late spring and summer time and it’s important to either plant them before or after that new growth has begun. If you dig up and replant trees during that period of growth, your trees can experience unnecessary stress and possibly even not make it. Planting in fall allows the trees to produce and stabilize their new growth before being shocked into a new location. Not only that, but the fall time requires less water to keep your trees alive, the cooler weather holds the moisture in the soil and allows your trees to thrive, even as winter sets in.

Apply weed control to lawn & landscape

Fall is also a great time to be proactive with your weed control for spring. Applying both a pre- and post-emergent herbicide will help your lawn the most as it prepares for the upcoming winter and spring. A pre-emergent herbicide will help kill anything weeds that have not come up yet, while a post-emergent will target anything that has already shot up. This should also help set your lawn up for success in the upcoming spring! If your weeds are treated properly in the fall time, it gives your lawn the best chance to grow healthy and without interruption before the winter which then allows your lawn the thrive in the best way after the snow disappears. If you have a more traditional landscape with shrubs and wood mulch around your home, you should also consider applying a weed herbicide to kill of any established weeds that might be invading your landscape.

fall landscaping updates

Plan out a colorful fall perennial pocket

Sometimes it’s easy to forget (especially in the northern states that get cooler in the winter) that there are flowers that are created to bloom in the fall and cooler weather. Sometimes we can get so excited when spring arrives and the pops of color come up after a long winter, we forget that we can enjoy them for a lot longer than just the summer. If you are an avid gardener or landscaper, chances are you love to incorporate plants and flowers into your landscape. Don’t give up after the summer is over. We think it’s a great idea to dedicate a small or large space in what we would call a “perennial pocket” this would be a section of your landscape that has perennials in it to enjoy after your spring and summer flowers are done blooming. After all, you should get as much enjoyment as you can from your landscape. Don’t shy away from filling in this piece with various fall blooming annuals as well, snapdragons, pot marigolds, and pansies are all great additions to add in to enjoy a colorful pocket in your landscape.

Start a compost pile

If you’ve ever considered or wanted to start a compost pile, fall is the perfect time, especially if you live in a place where the leaves fall. Leaves are a great component to compost and you’ll have plenty at your disposal during the fall time. Compost piles are made up of various matter to create a nutrient rich soil that many people use for gardening or other plant projects. Leaves, grass, manure, food scraps, pet bedding from hamsters or rabbits are just a few of the items that can be added into any compost pile!

These are just a few of some of the things that you can do in the fall or winter to either update or keep your home in tip top shape as the seasons change. If you are interested in what our landscaping company can do for you – contact us today! We have a dedicated team of knowledgeable staff that is happy to help you with whatever you might need.

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