5 Outside Landscape Design Trends to Expect In 2021

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As we enter Springtime here in Michigan- we are thinking about landscape design trends and our next landscape project we’re going to tackle this year. If 2020, taught us one thing it was to enjoy the outside, socially distanced, and get the most out of our backyards with loved ones. Get ready to turn your backyard into a stylish extensions of your home and enjoy the added ‘room’ you can enjoy and relax in. Below are 5 landscape design trends to expect in 2021 to implement for your next project.

Grow Your Own

No longer the preserve of larger gardens, vegetable plots are now appearing in nearly every style of outdoor space. People are more than ever spending more time outdoors in their gardens, it is not only about the easy fixes- which is why the more challenging task of growing plants from seed has taken an upsurge this year and is set to continue. This pandemic has clearly changed our way of thinking, our approach, and priorities. People are becoming more self-sufficient- being able to produce food taps into the most basic form of human needs and ultimately, for many of us, ‘growing our own’ is the right choice!

landscape design trends

Cultivating More Native Gardens

As we become more mindful, conscious consumers, we should also do the same as we cultivate our gardens. Incorporating native plants are great to elevate your landscape and provide benefits for regional birds and insects, and they are often more suited to the local soils and temperatures than ornamental plants. There are many resources out there that provide insight on plant types and which birds that plant may attract.

Multi-Function Spaces Built for Year Round

In 2021, our homes are being used for offices, gyms, meeting areas, happy hours, and more. Young families are encouraging their children to get outdoors and get off their electronics. Outdoor play has been a popular demand by incorporating blackboards, sand pits, hammocks, balance beams, climbing frames, and even mini wildlife ponds. The implementation of outdoor play is becoming increasingly important as families want to get their kids off zoom meetings and outside for their own mental health.

Also, a much-anticipated investment in products that make your patios, balconies, and backyards more livable year-round. Grab your heavy-duty blankets, outdoor fireplaces, and even novel amenities, like pizza ovens, heat lamps, and fire pits will help entice to entertain outdoors in the colder months.

Think Big for your Landscape Design Trends

Another trend is to go big or stay home! All landscape designs need some large-scale trees or shrubs to create grandeur and visual impact- even in the smaller gardens. It is important to choose the appropriate species and variety of tree, do not be scared to think big!

The Front Yard is the New Backyard

While the backyard has been a fabulous place to find peace of mind, you can discover a new hobby and even change up your Zoom background this year by taking advantage of the front yard and all it has to offer. We are looking to our front yard to be a warm and inviting space to casually entertain in the sunshine. The opportunities are endless for your front yard, carve out a space in an existing planting bed for a seating nook. Use a natural material for a base such as gravel and add enough chairs to invite neighbors to sit and visit. Also, adding a small water feature to those areas help create an enjoyable ambiance and upscale your landscape design. (Stay tuned for information on hardscape ideas to spruce up your backyard).

We hope this insight helped you out and motivates you to spruce up your landscape with this increased time at home. It is important for homeowners to take advantage of this extra time to invest time and money into cultivating an enjoyable outdoor space- large or small- into a functional and beautiful enhancement for their homes.

landscape design trends

If you have any questions regarding how we can help with these trends, contact us today! We provide landscape design, building & maintenance for our customers and would love to help you out next.