Clark’s Landscape has spent decades changing and improving people’s yards. Now Clark’s Landscape is pleased to introduce our new Garden Bed Maintenance and Gardening Services.

How often have you looked at your garden beds and cringed, knowing you really should spend the upcoming weekend toiling in your landscape beds, removing thorns and weeds in the sweltering heat of summer, while your neighbors are out relaxing poolside or hosting a barbeque?

You no longer have to! Our crew of professionals will come out and keep your landscape beds looking as fresh as the day they were installed. Weeding, refreshing the bark mulch, trimming, pruning, seasonal flower planting for color, and generally keeping your landscape beds looking fresh and neat. Their attention to detail is second to none and their eye for beauty is sharp.

Do you have pots or urns that you’d like planted with colorful flowers and set out on your porch or deck? They specialize in selecting and planting them with the same care you’d give them.

If you’d like a quote for these services, please give us a call or message us. We’d love to take the drudgery out of maintaining your yard and make it more carefree than ever for you.

Clark's Bed Maintenance & Gardening Services


Garden Bed Maintenance
Weeding is one of the most important practices for many plants. Weeds compete with main plants for different factors such as water, sunlight, nutrients, and space. Few people like to weed. Don’t let this happen to your yard and let Clark’s come out and keep your yard looking fresh and weed free!

Bark Mulch Refresh

Garden Bed Maintenance

Installing a fresh layer of bark or mulch each year is an excellent way to enhance the look of your landscape. A natural dark color-enhanced mulch can hold its color for up to two seasons. Other color enhanced mulches will also break down slower. We offer different types of mulch and bark depending on the look you desire for your landscape.

Pruning & Trimming

Garden Bed Maintenance

Plants are always growing. We prune using horticultural correct techniques at the proper time to keep your trees and bushed properly shaped and full. We will remove dead and dying branches and stubs, which will allow for new growth and help protect your property and passerby from damage. Not to mention it’s great to help deter pests and animal infestation and promotes the plant’s natural shape and healthy growth.

Seasonal Planting for Color

Garden Bed Maintenance

Let us help bring a bright and cheerful punch to the exterior of your home. We will add seasonal flowers/plants to your outdoor areas by incorporating bright and colorful annuals into your garden beds, pots, or any other exterior landscaping you’d like!

Bed Edging

Clark’s will create clean, defined edges around your garden beds to give your lawn that extra “curb appeal” that will have your neighbors take a second look. Our landscape professionals will utilize specialized equipment to create those beautifully defined lines and a clean and organized look to your overall landscape design. 

Contact Us Today to Learn More About Our Garden Bed Maintenance Services! We’d Be Happy to Give You a Quote.