Advantages of Using Landscape Design Software

Many homeowners would like to create a professional-looking landscaped property but are unsure of where to start. Since many homeowners feel the pressure of a limited budget, they might be hesitant to incur a large financial burden by hiring a landscape consultant to design their layout. Maybe you’d like to use a professional landscape company for getting your landscape design complete, but for the initial stages, you’d like to keep the budget low. This is where landscape design software can help you create your perfect landscape, and you can do it without leaving your chair.

Landscape design software is a tried-and-true solution that you should consider when wondering where to start with your next landscape project. If gives you the opportunity to view your design in advance to give you an idea of what you can achieve for your landscape layout and setting. When working with landscape design software, you’ll be able to identify potential problems you might run into before you bring the hard work or before a contractor is hired to complete your desired design.

It has become an increasingly popular method for people to utilize for creating landscape designs and garden spots around their property. Although it has become more popular, some individuals believe it is out of their means for two reasons. The first one is people believe that the program is too expensive to purchase and second, it’s too complicated for non-professionals. Of course, there are more technical programs for landscape professionals that will require expertise and a significant investment. The good news is that in the past decade, a new generation of programs has been created with the consumer in mind.

As a result of these new generations of landscape design software, most on the market for homeowners are reliable, economical, easy to use and built with the DIYers in mind. They are generated to allow a person with average computer skills the capability to design a truly attractive and visually appealing landscape design. You can purchase one of these user-friendly software programs from a variety of different outlets.

An increasing number of garden centers and supply centers are now carrying tested landscape design software programs in their inventory. Some retail merchandisers within the home improvement industry offer their customers classes and training for landscape design software. You also have the internet as a tremendous resource for discovering such items and it’s only a click away.

Choosing a Landscape Design Software

When browsing around for the different landscape design programs, look for a program that guides you through a survey of your property. It should let you define a mapped site for the yard. It’s also beneficial to find software that provides a tutorial that demonstrates instruction during this process.

Many landscape design software programs are very versatile and they offer a lot of options for you to be creative. You can scan a photo of your property and drag and drop garden plants, and foliage and structure them into your image, creating a digital version of your idea.

Some software gives you the ability to use the growth feature which will show you what the plants will look like as they mature. Some also have a “shadow caster” which demonstrates where tree and building shadows fall at any time of day throughout the year. This feature is great for determining where shadow casting occurs near decks and swimming pools. Another feature you might take advantage of is the three-dimensional viewing application. This not only gives you a real-life view of the landscape but will also give you a virtual tour. For the budget-minded individuals out there, a cost-estimating feature in the program will help you plan and keep track of costs throughout every stage, whether it’s for your desired garden décor, pavers, pool decks, pathways, water features, or retaining walls.

There are new and upgraded software packages that come out regularly. Keep current with what is on the market and make sure to read online reviews for any of the programs you’re considering. You may even find software that comes with a free trial offer, which is a great way to give it a test run and get a better idea of how they operate and its capabilities.

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Cons of Designing Your Own Garden with a Software

While designing your own garden can be fun and a nice project, if your goals are elaborate and lofty, having a professional landscaper evaluate your design can save you a lot of stress and money.

Proper Sunlight

When you have the experience and knowledge of designing gardens and landscape design like Clark’s Landscape has, you understand the best spots for plants in order for them to grow and thrive. Certain plants will burn up in the afternoon sun, while others will fail to grow if they’re not directly in the sunlight.


Landscape design software does not have the technology to calculate the proper irrigation just yet. You will need a keen eye and experience to design a garden so every plant can receive the right amount of water.



Depending on where you live in Comstock Park, East Grand Rapids, or Rockford, your soil can vastly vary. Some plants have deep roots, and they will not grow well if you are near the escarpment where it is rocky. Other plants may not have those same deep roots and be ripped out during the first windy storm as your lawn might be too sandy and loose.

Future Proof Your Landscape 

Your garden sign might look spectacular the first couple of years after installation, but later down the road, it could cause you some problems. A tree, for example, might eventually block your view or cause structural damage to your house. Certain plants might cause pest problems, such as flowerbeds that are planted too close to your home, or certain flowers near your driveway that may attract bees.

Let's Wrap Up Landscape Design Software!

Landscape design software is a great way to get connected to your property and give you a general idea of what you’re looking for for your next garden or landscape project. If you have no experience with landscaping and you’re only making minor changes like planting a flower garden in your backyard, then the software can come in handy. If you are making expensive changes like putting in stone steps, planting a lavish garden, or adding a waterfall, your best bet is to run your ideas and plans past an expert first. A garden is an organic biosphere and without an expert’s eye, it’s easy to make a mistake that can turn your paradise into a bedraggled wasteland.

If you are looking for landscape design help, Clark’s Landscape is here for you! Check out our custom landscape design services or look at some of the landscape projects we’ve completed for some inspiration.