Photo Gallery of Clark's Recent Landscape Projects

Below are some landscape projects that we’ve done over the last few years. They give an idea of what is possible to construct in your yard. Note the retaining walls built from both stone and pre-formed block; the limestone steps and the flagstone pathways inviting you deeper into the landscape; the relaxing water features that mingle the sound of falling water with singing birds or the wind gently blowing through the trees; the use of flowers and flowering shrubs to provide color in your landscape throughout the year; the natural-looking stamped concrete patios, walks, and stairs; the natural privacy screen plantings using thick foliage and dense evergreens; wooden benches and decks that blend into their surroundings, and the natural organization of your property for relaxation and peace of mind.

If you see anything you like below, Contact Us today! We would love to help transform your next landscape project into one you love!

Clarks Landscape Projects
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Clark's Landscape Projects
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Grand Rapids Landscape Projects
Pond landscape projects
landscape project with stairs
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clark's landscape projects
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Clarks Landscape Projects
Inviting stairs landscape project
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Clark's Recent Landscape Projects
water feature

We are committed to our Design/Build/Maintain philosophy so we can achieve whatever landscape and maintenance goals you may have.

Please Contact Us today with any questions about your upcoming projects!