Underground Sprinkling and Irrigation is an essential part of developing and maintaining your landscape investment.

All plants and lawns need water to thrive, but their water requirements can be very different. An automatic underground irrigation system installed by Clark’s will give you peace of mind that everything is being watered appropriately while freeing you up from the tiresome and cumbersome chores of dragging hoses around and keeping track of watering schedules.

Fact: Well-irrigated and healthy lawns and landscape plantings are less susceptible to disease and drought.

Each of our underground sprinkling systems is designed to deliver water as efficiently as possible with the least amount of waste and landscape run-off. They’re equipped with an electronic controller that automatically turns the system on and off at the designated times to deliver the appropriate amount of water to each area of your yard.


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Irrigation System: Design, Construction, & Maintenance

Our design consultants would be happy to provide you with an irrigation design and estimate when designing your landscape. We are able to custom design and construct a system to meet all your landscape needs. Our maintenance program can also provide you with annual spring activation, mid­ summer check-ups, and fall winterization.

Download our printable PDF instructions to better care for your lawn sprinkling system:

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