Preparing Your Lawn & Landscape For Spring

The Spring Thaw is Coming...Are You Prepared?

Winter is falling back into the shadows & it will soon be Springs time to shine. You are probably finally beginning to think about your landscape & lawn & how to get it ready for the upcoming spring weather. 

Here are some helpful tips, steps & tricks to make sure that your lawn & landscape are ready to bust into the spring season with beauty & gusto.

spring lawn care

1. Spring Cleaning is a REAL thing…
We don’t just mean spring cleaning in the house…although that’s good too; but take the time & spring clean your yard. Pick up all the stray sticks, rake up all the left-over fall leaves, get rid of that debris! This is important to make sure your lawn can breathe & also it lessens the amount of stuff that could get stuck in your lawn mower as the season goes on!

2. Get some fertilizer & weed controller in the ground!
This is an opportunity to jump start that luscious green grass you love so much! Fertilizing your lawn early gives & providing it with some weed controller will really affect your lawn in a positive way for the season. The earlier your lawn recovers from the winter & is able to build up strength the better chance you have of it beating the summer heat & elements to come.

3. Aerate your lawn!
Getting your lawn aerated before Spring really sets in will help in the core growth of your lawns roots, helping your lawn look pristine & healthy for the upcoming year.

4. Trim your trees
Trimming your trees early in spring will help in the new growth & also help you be aware of any old dead branches that need to be taken out. These old dead branches may be a hazard if they become weak & fall. Stay in tune with your trees, making sure they are getting the care you need.

These are just a few helpful tips to get your lawn & landscape ready for the upcoming summer. Staying in sync with each of your landscape features & your lawn will ensure that you are presenting the best around your home this coming year.

Need Help Getting Ready For Spring?

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