Build: The Landscape Installation Process

When it comes to the building or landscape installation process, nothing is more important than the quality of the people doing the work.  Experience, training and job satisfaction are so important to us.  At Clark’s, we value all of these factors and work to implement them continuously.  We have some great people who have been with us for many years who can create beautiful plantings, walls, and waterfalls and so much more.  They love what they do and it shows.

Check out the waterfalls, stonework, and gardens we created at the Blue Water Grill.  Every aspect was built by our Clark’s Landscape crews.

What We Have To Offer You...

Experienced Landscape Crews

Experienced Landscape Crews – Our landscape crews are led by experienced foremen who have been with us for many years. The average foreman has over a decade of experience, much of it with Clark’s. We carefully select, train, and retain the best crew members to assist the foremen. Our crews further their professional education in the off season, learning about the latest landscape trends, tools, and techniques.

We are also very selective about the sub-contractors we use for specialty paving, deck and pergola construction, fencing and masonry. They have many years of experience and we have worked very closely with them over the years to assure our clients the best workmanship and product available.


In the last decade, there has been an explosion of clever new landscape tools and products designed to make landscape installation more efficient, cost-effective, or visually appealing and we’ve been keeping abreast of the latest developments. We’re constantly evaluating new products and equipment to better serve our clients and save them money while assisting us in installing the ideal landscape.


Learn more about Landscape Installation Equipment in our Blog!

Locally Grown Plants

Clark’s uses as many locally-sourced plants and materials as we can. Why? Because plants that are grown in West Michigan are naturally acclimated to our unique regional climate and are healthier for it. We use only low-maintenance plants, selected for color and performance, that are insect- and disease-resistant. We are very particular about the types and varieties we use and test them first for several years before general usage. We also believe that our hard-working local growers are some of the best in the country and we’re proud to work with them. Money spent locally strengthens our local economy as well.

Environmental Care

We also strive to be the greenest we can be and that effects how we conduct business.

  • Our trucks and equipment are powered by cleaner, safer bio-diesel fuels.
  • We make sure any pesticides or herbicides we use break down harmlessly after a period of time.
  • We recycle soil, brush, plastics, and stone that come from projects in progress.
  • Our irrigation systems are designed to conserve water, not only for cost reasons but because protecting our natural streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes is important to us.

We do all this for you and to preserve our beautiful West Michigan area.