Step By Step Guide To Repair Your Sprinkler Head

When the time comes for a sprinkler head repair or replacement, the task might seem daunting to the unnatural DIY-ers out there…no need to call the closest irrigation company (although we are ALWAYS happy to help) It’s inevitable that systems will need repairs and it’s possible that they might even need more frequent repairs depending on where you live, how long you have had the system, and how often you run your sprinklers. Be prepared for the next time your sprinklers need fixing by reading through our quick and simple step-by-step guide to repairing your sprinkler head.

1. Identify Which Sprinkler Heads Need Fixing 

You’ll be able to accomplish this by your sprinkler head’s performance and you’ll want to gather all the information possible from the top of the head. If the information is no longer there, you may have to remove the sprinkler head in order to find the information or bring it to your local hardware to find a sprinkler head match. You will also need to make sure you know the type of sprinkler that you are running, it could be a rotor or a spraying sprinkler.

sprinkler repair

2.Browse for Replacement Heads

Once you know exactly what type of sprinkler head as well as the different specifications of inches per hour, or gallons per minute you can start to look for your replacement sprinkler head; it can also be useful if you have the manufacturer as well as the model number to ensure compatibility if you decide to go with a different brand, OR if you want to keep a consistent brand throughout your yard.

3. Purchase Your New Sprinkler Head

You are now ready to go purchase your new replacement sprinkler head! Most of the time, you can go into your local hardware store and find the correct piece, if you are having a hard time finding the right one, you can always look & buy online to find the specific part that you are looking for!

4. Dig Out Old Sprinkler Head

Remove the old and broken sprinkler head. You will most likely have to dig the sprinkler out, it is recommended that you dig about a foot all around the old sprinkler, making sure that you don’t go too deep that you might hit the other water line.

sprinkler head repair

5. Unscrew Old Sprinkler Head

Once your hole is dug out, you should be able to easily access the sprinkler head with either or both hands. You will need to unscrew the old head using the universal counterclockwise motion. It’s important not to get dirt into the connection of the sprinkler to the sprinkler head – if you do, take the time to run water through the lines until all dirt has been cleared.

6. Screw in New Sprinkler Head

Now it’s time to screw on the new head to the sprinkler. It’s always a good idea to make sure that everything works properly before filling in the dirt back into the sprinkler hole. Run a test sequence of your sprinklers to make sure that everything works properly, no major leaks are found, and that everything is tight fitting.

7. Test & Fill Dirt Back In 

After you have tested your system and everything looks good, it is time to fill back in the dirt. Keep in mind how the sprinkler was broken in the first place, if you need to dig the hole a little deeper to make sure the sprinkler doesn’t get hit or run over by a lawn mower or other objects, be sure to do so before filling in the dirt around the hole.

So that’s it! Seven simple steps for your sprinkler head repair. If you need more information on making other repairs to your sprinklers, check out our Simple Sprinkler Repair Guide. 

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