The Biggest Landscaping Trends for 2023

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Spruce Up Your Garden This Summer With This Year's Most Popular Trends

This summer, there are so many wonderful things you can do in your yard.  From climate conscious trends to planting the brightest flowers imaginable, read on to see our collection of the summer’s top landscaping ideas to make your yard a stunner! 

Native Plants

If you’re thinking green, maybe this trend is for you! More people are choosing to plant foliage and flowers that are native to their area.  Doing this helps attract the natural critters of the area and fortifies the soil! For Michigan, that would be plants like Maidenhair ferns, chives, hyssops, and milkweed.  Milkweeds are also great for attracting butterflies.  

a milkweed flower among its leaves.

“Cottagecore” Inspired Gardens

If you’ve been keeping up with online trends, then you may have heard of the now prominent aesthetic called “cottagecore”.  This is mostly an aesthetic that calls in feelings of living a simple, content life that one may get while living in a humble cottage. This feeling could be reflected in lush flowers and bushes, rustic fixtures and décor, and cobbled pathways.   

Bright Colors

Vibrant, colorful flowers are always in style, and can brighten up any yard.  Lavender, Sedum, Geraniums, and Cosmos are some of the many beautiful flowers out there right now.  Adding a multitude of colors can make a yard more beautiful in so many wonderful ways. 

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Stone Pathways and Other Natural Fixtures

As we have seen with the previously mentioned trends, natural, rustic fixtures are all the rage now.  Cobblestones, natural formations, and free flowing water can really give your yard that magical feeling that can only be found with natural materials. 

Climate Conscious Choices

As we are halfway through 2023, we are seeing more and more trends that call to incorporate climate conscious choices into our daily lives.  If this is something that is important to you, there are a variety of options to make your yard greener! You could use alternative ground cover plants that take less water, start your own compost area, plant native plants, as listed above, or even start a plot to grow your own veggies!

Immersive Gardens and Furniture

This trend conjures images of lush gardens and seating areas within them, creating an oasis of calm just for you.  Try adding some comfy chairs and tables within your garden to create these spaces.  

A bench among vegetation.

No matter what trend catches your eye, a manicured and well taken care of lawn never goes out of style. Check out our services to see how we can help you keep your lawn in tip top shape!