10 Do’s for Getting a Higher Property Value from Your Yard

First impressions are hard to unsee, and the first impression that homebuyers get is from your yard and landscaping. There are do’s and don’ts for landscape and garden improvements. Here we will list the do’s that will increase property value with your yard, as listed below.

10 Lawn and Landscape Features That Increase Home Value

1. A Well-Maintained Lawn

Leading the way with exterior is a well-kept lawn. It’s a no brainer: quick, relatively inexpensive, and has a high ROI. Lawns remain a favorite of homebuyers. A well-kept expanse of grass pleases buyers, improves property look, offers an area for children, and gives the adult a sense that they will enjoy a relaxed lifestyle.

2. Shrubs and Trees

Almost anything you buy falls in value. Trees are an exception. Mature trees enhance the property’s value. The mere presence of tall tress improves property values throughout a neighborhood by 3-15%. Installing mature trees is costly. So if you’re looking for a tree that already has some size, but still fits in the back of your truck, go for a 15-gallon pot. It will hold a tree about 8 feet tall, for a reasonable price- $50 – $150 depending on variety.

3. Tidy Garden

Remove perennial weeds. For some buyers, they see that as a red flag issue that indicates more problems. A tide lawn leaves the buyer with the impression that they’re looking at a landscape that is easy to maintain.

4. Landscape Pathway

Consider if you have a prospective buyer, where will they walk up towards your house or out your backyard? Pay attention to your pathways. Repair cracks that will spoil the first impression. Try designing a pathway that will create a sense of anticipation- ideally, have it winding with plants, small hedges, or flowers on each side.

5. Lighting

Outdoor lighting options are available within the limits of any homeowner’s budget. Buyers appreciate a well-lit yard which provides a sense of security. Lighting hardware has changed over the years with solar-powered and LED lighting products adding alternatives to traditional hard-wired lighting. They will show off your beautiful garden at night, silhouette your trees, and keep everyone safe from tripping and keep burglars away.

Increase Property Value with Your Yard

6. Fresh Mulch

Go mulch when you are wanting to turn your dull yard fresh, economically, and quickly. Adding fresh mulch is second to only to routine lawn care at returning your expense at sale. Spending $340 on mulch can recoup about 126% upon closing. Incorporating mulch around shrubs and garden plants to help reduce evaporation, reduce weed growth, moderate soil temperature, prevent erosion, and increase ability to hold water.

7. All-Season Deck / Outdoor Kitchen

One of the most expensive and most trendiest items- a permanent, built-in deck for entertainment and cooking. Additionally, it increases the usable square footage of the house. It returns an estimated 83% of the amount spent. Properly finish and weather-proof the space for your climate so it will last for many years to come.

8. Pop of Color through Container Plants, Garden Bed

Without spending thousands of dollars, a few hundred spent on an expanse of colorful flowers and eye-catching plants will have a positive ROI. Once increasingly popular option to add a variety of potted plants. They’ll dress up your porch and other entryways that will draw the buyers eye.

Flower beds define spaces and are a quick and easy way to brighten up areas where you’ve had less luck with other plants.

Generally speaking, annual plants- which have one or two growing seasons- will be the less expensive option. Perennials, which return every year, tend to cost more but grow full size to fill out your landscape.

Increase Property Value with Your Yard

9. Automated Irrigation System

Many of today’s buyers love landscaping but don’t have the time of inclination to devote the time it takes to maintain it. Expect to pay at least $3,000 for a fully automated irrigation systems, but buyers love it.

Today’s sprinkler systems are equipped with sensors that sniff the air and the water levels in your landscape and water only when needed- saving you money!

10. Professional Landscape Design

Hiring a professional landscape designer will help your lawn climb beyond the competition in the market. There are several levels of help. If you know what you’re doing and just need to document and get it drawn up, there are many software options or even apps that can help you out. Beyond that, your local garden center often has experienced advisors who can offer a quick sketch. A step up from that is a landscape designers, who can prepare a detailed plan and often can do the installation as well.

We hope you learned some valuable tips on how to increase property value with your yard and landscape. If you are in need of a professional landscape design, suggestions, and anything landscape-related, Contact Us Today