We know that information is powerful, and you have put a lot of time and money into your lawn to keep it looking perfect. So we’ve prepared several landscape references as to how to so. Along with our Clark’s Guarantee, we’ve also included information on lawn, patio, deck and pond care, winterization procedures, tips for your lighting and sprinkler systems as well as advice for pest control and plant fertilizing.

Our lawn care guidelines provide recommendations on how to care for your newly hydro-seeded lawn, plant care instructions, proper pruning and plant fertilizing methods, and our Clark’s Landscape Planning Sheet. You can prepare your landscape for our Michigan winter by reading about our sprinkler winterization procedure and plant winterizing method. We’ve also included our sprinkler start-shutdown diagram as well as simple sprinkler system fixes and our sprinkler start-up procedure. If you’re having difficulty with your lighting system, check our trouble-shooting suggestions. Finally, we’ve included tips for pest control, fertilizing, deck and patio care, and general pond maintenance.

All of our easy-to-read landscape references are available by downloading our printable PDF documents on how to care for and maintain your landscape.

Clark's Landscape Planning Sheet