Welcome to Clark’s Landscape Services! We provide full service landscaping throughout the West Michigan area. We are proud to offer a wide variety of services to fit your desired landscape needs. Are you in the market for hardscape design in the Michigan area? We’ve got you covered! We also offer your traditional landscape planting, underground sprinkling installation and even hydroseeding! Below are more options to upscale your next landscape project. 

We are proud to be West Michigan’s Full Service Landscaping Company! 

full service landscaping

Landscape Plantings

By using high-quality plants we can assure you of hearty, disease and insect resistant plants that are already acclimated to the West Michigan environment. Your design consultant often personallly hand-selects the plans for you so that the installation accurately interprets the…

Full service landscaping


When you think of landscaping you generally think of trees, bushes, flowers, and lawns, but there is so much more to consider when planning your landscape project. Here at Clark’s we offer hardscape design in the Michigan area. And as you will read below, there are many types of hardscapes to consider. They can…

Full service landscaping

Underground Sprinkling

All plants and lawns need water to thrive, but their water requirements can be very different. An automatic underground irrigation system installed by Clark’s will give you peace of mind that everything is being watered appropriately, while freeing you up from the tiresome and…

Landscape Lighting

The illumination of your landscape will improve the safety and security of your home and property while creating fantastic night lightscapes that will compliment your home and landscaping. It will safely illuminate your steps and walkways in a discreet manner allowing…

landscape water feature

Water Features

Everyone loves the rushing sound of water flowing over rocks or falls. It’s one of the most relaxing sounds we as humans can enjoy. It helps drown out the noise of everyday life and replaces it with a primal sense of peace and tranquility. Water features have become…

Full service landscaping

Decorative Garden Structures

One often overlooked landscape feature is the decorative garden structure. These features set-off areas of your landscape, creating inviting spaces for either quiet contemplation or entertaining. They can indicate a transition to a different landscape feature or include a…

Garden Bed Maintenance

Clark’s Landscape is pleased to introduce our new Garden Bed Maintenance and Gardening Services. We will help your garden beds look as fresh as the first day they were installed. Weeding, refreshing the mulch, trimming, pruning, and seasonal planting for color. 

Are you interested in chatting with our team about your next landscape project? Please contact us today with any questions or ideas you have- We’re happy to help in any way!