What Is Landscape Design & How Is It Beneficial

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We know that we’re in the midst of winter and it seems kind of crazy to be thinking about the spring and summer ahead – but it’s never too early to be thinking about your lawn and landscape. Planning can make the process so much quicker and simple when the time actually does come to update your home to look the absolute best that it can look. Many people feel overwhelmed at the thought of planning out a landscape which is precisely why our team offers landscape design for you and your home.

What is Landscape Design?

Landscape design is the process of maximizing your home and lawn to make the most of your space and create an aesthetic appeal from the outside looking in. Your landscape should not just “work” for your home and family, but it should reflect who you are as well as display the connection between your home and the outside. Our team is dedicated to spending the time to get to know your vision and desires for your home. Then we might use our expertise and experience to make suggestions that we think would fit you and your home. We take four simple steps within the process to make sure that we are covering all the bases and creating the best landscape possible for you and your home.

Step 1: Fill out a Landscape Planning Sheet

Before we even get to meet face to face, we ask each of our clients to fill out and complete a landscape planning sheet, this will help us get to know who you are, how you want to use your yard in the future as well as some of the plants and various features that you like or dislike. This first step in the process will lay the foundation for your project such as budget, style, and specific needs that you might have.

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Step 2: On-site Meeting

Meeting on site is a crucial part to the process. This allows us to get to know you in a more personal way as well as take in the space for the project. In this meeting we will learn more about you, as well as discuss the project more in-depth. In this meeting we will take measurements and photos of the space, so we have something reference to utilize as we continue to work on your project. This meeting gives you the opportunity to get to know our team a little bit better. This also would also be a great time to bring up or remind us of any specific wishes you might have for your area.

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Step 3: Computer Generated Design Model

The next step of the landscape design process is the fun one, it’s where you get to see all of the ideas come to life in a very visual way. We take all of the things we have talked about for your space and put each solution into our design software which allows us to then generate a visual representation as to what your space can and will look like in the future.

Step 4: Final Plan Presentation

Once we have a finished plan, we will connect with you and present the finished idea to you. This presentation will be complete with both materials and plants for you to look at and see what options we have for your space – of course nothing is set in stone. Changes can be made according to your vision of the space. This would be the time to talk to us about

Step 5: Moving Forward

Once you are satisfied with the plan we have created together, the final steps can start. We draw up a contract to get things rolling. Generally, payments take place in 3 parts, 1, when the contract is signed, 2, upon the substantial completion of the project, and 3, within 30 days of invoicing. To begin once we have received the signed contract and initial payment, we schedule your installation. Once the project start day gets closer, we contact you with the more specific details and plant care instructions as well as contact the Michigan Utility Notification center to come out and mark any utilities in your yard for extra precaution.

As you can see, landscape design is a lengthy process that requires a lot of planning and thought and it’s not just as simple as heading to your local hardware store and picking up a few new plants. Landscape design is meant to create a culture around your home that showcases each aspect of your property in the best way possible not to mention the many benefits that it has for you!

Benefits of Landscape Design

Of course there are many advantages and benefits to landscape design, but here are just a few of them.
-Less work and stress on your part to make your home more beautiful
-Professional and trained eyes looking at your property and creating the best plan and solution to make the most out of your space
-More enjoyment and use out of your space
-Long lasting design that serves your family for years to come

Landscape design can be an investment when it comes to your home, but it’s an investment that is worth it. It will provide years of enjoyment for you and your family around the home. If you’re interested in getting started on your own project with us or just exploring what options you have, contact us today! We would love to talk more with you about the potential that your space holds.

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