Designing Water Features and Hardscapes for a Backyard Retreat

Creating Your Backyard of Your Dreams

water features
The sound of rushing water elicits peace, tranquility, and serenity.


Water features continue to grow in popularity. Not only do they make your beautiful landscape design complete, they also transform your outdoor environment into your own private oasis. In today’s modern world, we are inundated with noise and surrounded by the frantic pace necessary to keep up with our daily requirements and responsibilities.

The simple addition of a water feature such as a tranquil pond or waterless waterfall can provide you with a place where you can escape from the essential activities of your everyday living, even if it’s only for a brief interlude. On the other hand, a water feature also offers a gorgeous focal point where you can gather with your family and friends for a time of fun, entertainment, and relaxation.

Clark’s has the advantage of years of experience in designing and installing water features. We will work with you to determine your visualization of the perfect feature to accent and complement the outdoor environment around your home. Whether you prefer water in slowly moving stream or a waterfall rushing down a gentle slope of rocks, we have the ability and expertise to make your vision a reality.

Our expert team of creative designers and installers have the capability and experience to produce many types of stunning water features. From ponds of various sizes to everflowing water streams, we can design and install them to enhance your new or existing landscaping.

Types of Water Features:

  • Water gardens
  • Koi ponds
  • Fountains
  • Waterfalls

Adding a water feature to your outdoor environment also offers more benefits besides providing you with your own beautiful paradise.


  • Completes your landscape design
  • Provides a place of peace and relaxation
  • Produces a beautiful focal point for entertainment
  • Provides a private oasis for relieving stress
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Enhances curb appeal


The sound of water is universally known to provide peace and tranquility as opposed to the noisy, hectic world outside your home. However, if you prefer a small peaceful pond to sit and relax by or a large swimming pool for fun and entertainment, Clark’s can build that for you as well.

If you are considering adding a water feature to your current outdoor environment or are in the process of developing a new landscape, contact us, and we will be pleased to create and install it for you.

The sound of rushing water is one of the most relaxing sounds that we can enjoy.