The Importance of Regular Garden Maintenance

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How to Keep Your Garden Ready Year Round

As we are ramping up for spring, you may be one of the many that are gathering inspiration for their garden.  The warmer weather brings with it the urge to plant beautiful flowers and spruce up your yard.  But with beautiful gardens, and spring garden care in general, comes hours of time and maintenance. 

Not only will you have to keep up with regular garden maintenance, but things like weeding, pruning, transplanting plants, and edge clean up may be standing in the way between you and a perfect yard. This can be time consuming, difficult, and messy.  It may be worthwhile having someone else come and help you achieve the garden of your dreams. 

If you live somewhere with seasons, like Michigan, now is the time to start preparing your garden if you want it to be beautiful just in time for the warm weather.  It’s always a relief to see them coming back to life after the last of the snow is gone and the sun returns again. 

But after winter, there’s so much to do.  There’s old plants and weeds that need to be removed, grass that needs to be regrown, edges that need freshening up, garden beds and other pieces that need repairing.  These tasks can be daunting and difficult, which is why we suggest leaving it to the capable people at Clark’s Landscape.

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What Does Regular Garden Maintenance Include?

Regular garden maintenance includes a whole host of services, and there may be more to it than you were expecting.

Regular garden maintenance includes:

  • Weeding: The process of removing weeds initially after the snow thaws, as well as continuously throughout the gardening season.
  • Pruning: Do you have hedges or trees that are getting unruly? Regular trimming keeps them looking fresh.
  • General Yard Clean Up: Sticks and leaves can blow into your yard, stones or wood chips can be out of place, and who knows what the rain will wash in, not to mention the regular mowing that must be done.  It takes a lot of care to keep a yard in good shape. 
  • Spring and Fall Clean Up: On top of general yard work, there is normally a bit of extra work that is required to get your yard and garden ready in the spring, as well as to get it ready to be taken down before the winter comes. 
  • Splitting/Moving Perennials: To continue to keep full and healthy-looking perennials, it is important to split them up when they get to a very full growth. 
  • Edge Maintenance: To keep a clean look, many garden and yard owners opt for edges made of various materials to create pathways, select areas, or to just maintain the sharp and clean look to the borders of their garden or yard.  It is especially important to maintain the edges, as this keeps turf grass from spreading and dirtying up parts of your yard, like your driveway or walkways.  
  • Seasonal Planters: With each season, there are new and different flowers and plants that you can use to fill your planters.
Clark’s offers all sorts of lawn and garden maintenance, For a full list of services, click here!

Benefits of Regular Garden Maintenance

  • Your Garden Will Look Its Best: Regular maintenance not only makes your garden or yard look stunning, but it also helps the overall appearance of your home or business. 
  • Your Yard will Be Healthy: Regular weeding and pruning ensures that your plants and grass remain at their healthiest and aren’t being choked out by weeds or growing in a lopsided matter.
  • Mowing Helps Keep Things Neat: Regular mowing reduces the appearance of weeds and keeps your lawn from looking overgrown.  

Benefits of Outsourcing Garden/Yard Maintenance

Life can be busy, and weeding and mowing, as well as other yard and garden maintenance, can take so much time and effort.  Not to mention they require getting your hands dirty.  Why stress yourself out more when you can have a reliable and dedicated team taking care of your yard and garden for you.  Now all that’s left for you to do is sit back and enjoy the beauty! 

Get Your Garden Maintenance Done with Clark's Landscape

Want to have a beautiful garden this year but unsure where to start? You’re in luck! At Clark’s Landscape, you can get two knowledgeable horticultural specialists for $160 an hour or $599 for a half-day.  

Clark’s Landscape has been in the business for over sixty years and are proud of the work we do. 

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