maintain your landscape

If properly cared for, a lawn can last forever. In this day of “built-in obsolescence” that’s pretty cool to consider. The key phrase, however, is “properly cared for.” What that means is consistent and correct care. The right treatments, equipment, procedures, and timing. That is just what Clark’s provides. Free yourself from the worry, problems, and the lost time trying to maintain your lawn. Let Clark’s Lawn Maintenance give you a great looking and healthy lawn along with time out of the busy life you and your family live every day. It’s time to enjoy the best time of the year in Michigan: Summer!

Our Lawn Maintenance Services

Lawn Care: Mowing, trimming, blowing, and edging. Each season is typically 26 weeks.  Weekly mowing, trimming around obstacles, blowing of grass clippings. Monthly edging of sidewalks to maintain a neat appearance. Curbs every 6 wks. Grass clippings are blown into the grass to recycle the nutrients back into the lawn while keeping it neat and clean.

Spring Clean-up: Includes clean-up of fallen leaves, twigs, and yard debris.

Fall Clean-up: Includes clean-up of fallen leaves, twigs, and yard debris, cutting back of perennials.  May require multiple visits.

Lawn Weeding & Feeding: This program includes weed and crabgrass control plus special long-lasting slow-release fertilizers applied 4-5 times as selected.  Performed by Weed&Feed Lawn Care LLC.

Lawn Aeration (Coring): Available only with Lawn Weeding & Feeding. This process punches holes through heavy thatch layers to help fertilizers and water reach grass roots. Important in heavy soils and older lawns.

Grub/Mole Control: Available only with Lawn Weeding & Feeding. Grubs weaken your lawn by eating its root system and are an important food supply for moles. By eliminating grubs, moles have few reasons to remain in your yard and your lawn will be healthier. Performed by Weed&Feed Lawn Care LLC.

Outside Insect Control: Available only with Lawn Weeding & Feeding. Five applications of preventative insect spray to keep bees, ants, and spiders away from the perimeter of your home.  Performed by Weed&Feed Lawn Care LLC.

Lawn Ant Control: Available only with Lawn Weeding & Feeding. Two applications of ant spray to control colonies in your lawn. Performed by Weed&Feed Lawn Care LLC.

lawn maintenancePruning: Plants are always growing. We prune using horticultural correct techniques at the proper time to keep your trees and bushes properly shaped and full.

Mulching: Mulching provides soil moisture control, temperature control, nutrients, and beauty. Always mulch new plantings to keep them happy and healthy.

Weeding: Few people like to weed. Let Clark’s keep your landscaping looking good all the time.

Horticultural Service: Sometimes you don’t have a landscape project that requires design. Sometimes you just need a couple of guys to work in your yard. Maybe to weed your landscape beds, or move some rocks. Or divide some hostas that are getting overgrown. That’s what our horticultural service is for. For $495 you get the services of two knowledgeable landscape crew members for 4 hours each (8 man-hours). They’ll work in your yard in any professional capacity to accomplish that task you really don’t want to do yourself.