flower bed maintenance

Benefits of Flower Bed Maintenance

Flower beds should be the pride and joy of any property and staying on top of flower bed maintenance tends to be a challenge for many homeowners. Adding blooms will give color, vibrancy, and life to an ordinary yard. Garden management can also help your property’s curb appeal and can boost the value of your home.

There are many factors that make ever garden different: the elevation of your property, the amount of rain, shade and sun that reaches your flower beds, the chemical compositions of the soil, certain plants might do better than others (and some types of weeds might do better as well). Some gardens tend to be finicky and require more care, and some are more easily managed with little work. What makes them different are the plants inside, and of course, the maintenance plan that is put in place to take care of them.

Clark’s Landscape is excited to offer garden bed management and flower bed maintenance to give you a yard you’ve always dreamed of. Keep reading for more insight on how we can help with your flower bed maintenance.

Benefits of Flower Bed Maintenance Services

Garden management is not simply planting and watering your flowers. Many times, plant placement is a key factor in making your garden truly beautiful. There are other things to consider like size and the color palette you want.

Our team has the experience and training to help design and maintain the perfect garden for your home leaving your neighbors stopping and starring!

Weed Free Flower Beds

Weeds are known to be a scourge to every flower bed. One single dandelion can throw off the look of a whole garden bed and can harm the health of your garden if left unchecked. In time, the ugly weeds will invade and suffocate the plants you want in your garden, leaving you with more of a jungle than a garden.

Weeding a garden is a meticulous task that requires knowledge of plants. Surprisingly, seven out of ten homeowners cannot distinguish between a weed and what’s supposed to be in the flower bed.

By hiring an expert to help with your flower bed maintenance, you can prevent confusion about what is supposed to be in your garden. Not only does Clark’s help with weed clean up but also weed prevention.

Keeping a Clean Garden

Many people avoid raking their flower beds, to protect some of their more sensitive plants. Shrubbery can sometimes take a beating from the rake, but pansies certainly cannot. Unfortunately, this is a hindrance to your flower bed and can result in your garden deteriorating.

The leaves and debris from the trees above your garden that land in your bed aren’t just an eyesore but can ruin the aesthetic of the entire garden. It will also leave unwanted seeds behind that will sprout into pesky weeds and other unwelcomed plants.

By raking flower beds, it doesn’t just remove the unwanted plants but also aerates the soil providing more nutrients for the flowers around. Your garden’s soil will be full of oxygen, which helps retain moisture, and all-around better for your plants.

Proper Edge Management

The edging of a garden can make or break the aesthetic. If done properly, water could pool up around the edge and down your plants. Additionally, grass can spread into the flower bed without the proper edging.

Edging not only keeps the grass from coming in but also keeps the flowers to stay in the bed. Mowing the lawn will be a tricky task for you if there’s shrubbery sticking out everywhere.

Whether you are looking to prevent grass or flower overgrowth, Clark’s Landscape will use the proper edging techniques for your garden and style.

Why Choose Flower Bed Maintenance by Clark's Landscape

Keeping a beautiful garden isn’t always as easy as we hope. It’s not uncommon to observe that the most beautiful plants will require the most amount of upkeep. The work that it takes to keep a garden looking at its top potential can be physically taxing, being on your knees, and bending over for hours on end.

When you choose to team up with Clarks Landscape, you can expect only the best and a garden that looks its best without the time and dirty work it takes to achieve that.