Fall Pruning and Commercial Maintenance

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Now that fall is here, it is time to clean and perfect the décor of the yard. I know it might seem crazy to do this in the fall, but this is the best time to plant, prune, and trim the trees, bushes and flowers of the yard.

Why should you do fall pruning?

1.      Pruning reduces the plants susceptibility to disease

2.      Pruning lessens the risk of property damage cause by terrible winds, storms, and rain.

3.      Pruning allows more light from the sun to get to the plants, helping the smaller plants, including grass, grow.

4.      Pruning keeps most trees healthy and structurally sound.

5.       It also improves the appearance of your property

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How do I prune my trees and shrubs?

Trimming and pruning your landscapes bushes and trees can help the appearance of the household, promote plant growth, and help plant development. Trimming them can be done late fall and even early winter for the best results. It is important that your prune the plants properly because they never heal from damage, they only seal the wounds. Damage can also stress plants, resulting in disease and even pests. Pruning is especially important for new trees. This will help train the plant to grow properly. 

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Here are some tips to help you prune trees:

  1. Remove all dead, broken, and diseased branches.
  2. Cut branches that cross or ones that grow toward the center of the tree
  3. Shape the tree if possible, but don’t cut the main and important branches
  4. Thin out branches to create spacing
  5. Prune broken, dead, diseased, or crossing roots.
  6. Prune shrubs within 6 inches of the ground
  7. If you want to prune larger, more established and grown branches, you will need to make three or four cuts into the limb to prevent ripping or even damage to the trunk.

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