Hardscaping in Grand Rapids, MI

Patios & Retaining Walls that Create a Memorable and Enjoyable Look


At Clark’s Landscape, we offer expert Hardscaping in Grand Rapids and West Michigan. Our services encompass everything from crafting intricate patio designs to constructing durable retaining walls and elegant walkways. As you will read below, there are many types of hardscape designs to consider. They can be achieved with concrete projects, such as stamped concrete, pavers, fieldstone, slate, limestone, boulders, or wood, among other unique options.

Walkways & Patios

Clark’s Landscape installs beautiful walkways and patios throughout West Michigan, that have provided useful good looks for years. Due to its versatility, our most popular material for these is poured and stamped concrete. Concrete can be poured into any shape and fit any curve. It can have an aggregate stone finish or we can stamp it with one of many different patterns that accurately resemble brick pavers, fieldstone, slate, or limestone. We can tint it red, dark grey, black, beige, or any other natural stone-looking color. It can have a glossy finish or a dull, matte look. We can also utilize traditional brick pavers to create that classic brick walk or patio look.

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Hardscaping Grand Rapids
Hardscaping Grand Rapids

Retaining Walls

We’ve been building retaining walls in Grand Rapids for many years as well. Retaining walls help hold back the earth allowing more flat ground for your practical use such as a patio, swimming pool, or driveway. Our most popular material is pre-cast decorative inter-locking block, which creates sturdy, reliable, and uniform walls. We also use treated timbers for retaining walls, and field stone boulders as well. Retaining walls give you a more usable yard to enjoy.

Porches & Decks

One other hardscape design that many people overlook is porches and decks. Not only do we install them, but we can also custom design them to fit your home and yard perfectly. We are very experienced with both treated wood and composite decking for use in Michigan seasons.

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Hardscaping Grand Rapids
Hardscaping Grand Rapids


Another area where we can get creative and utilize otherwise unusable parts of your yard is by creating steps. Treated timbers, limestone slabs, and pre-formed retaining wall blocks can all be utilized to create safe, durable steps. Turn an elevation change from a slippery, grassy slope to a beautiful, safe, well-structured stairway.

Sea Walls

Clark’s Landscape in Grand Rapids also has plentiful experience designing and installing lasting, durable sea walls. Whether you live on a lake, a pond, or alongside a stream or river, we can design and install a lasting seawall that will hold back the water, prevent the endless erosion of your beach, and give you a more usable yard at the same time.

sea walls and retaining walls

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