Landscape Lighting: Pathway Lights, Spotlights, & Water Feature Lighting

The illumination of your landscape lighting will improve the safety and security of your home and property while creating fantastic night lightscapes that will compliment your home and landscaping. It will safely illuminate your steps and walkways in a discreet manner allowing you and your guests to appreciate the highlights of your garden and the architectural details of your home.

Proper set lighting will enrich your landscape and bring it to life at night.

Lighting fixtures range from decorative pathlights that illuminate your walks to virtually invisible spotlights that cast strategically placed beams of illumination upon trees, walls, or water features. We can design custom lighting fixtures for you to meet your needs. We use electronic timers to automatically turn them off and on. We’ll take care of all the details to ensure you have a reliable, beautiful lighting system.

We have made a commitment to utilize LED lights for longevity and economy.

Clark’s uses timer‐type transformers.  There are two types of timers we use.

The first is a traditional timer. These transformers come with a timer that contains a collection of tabs that can be pulled up or pushed down to control the hours in which the lights are to run.  We recommend setting times in which the heaviest evening traffic is present.

The second is what’s known as an “astronomical timer.” It’s preprogrammed with the hours of light and darkness for each day of the year and season so it comes on later in summer and earlier in winter. Plus it accounts for daylight savings time

Landscape Light Troubleshooting  

Lights go on, but then go off again, or cycle on and off…

  • Too many lights on the circuit for the size of your transformer
  • A short exists where opposite polarity wires are
  1. Lights do not come on…
  • Check the transformer’s power supply
  • Check the reset button on transformer
  • Check all connections
  • Check the timer specifications
  1. Lights go on at strange times…
  • Faulty timer
  • Check to see if the transformer power supply is on a light switch
  1. Light bulbs are burning out rapidly…
  • There is a short in one of the connections that needs to be repaired
  • Bulb size may be too large

PDF Download: Landscape Lighting