Hydroseeding is the easiest and most economical method of seeding a lawn and provides a lush, beautiful lawn in Michigan. We are proud to offer Grand Rapids Hydroseeding services and extend those services throughout West Michigan.

What does it mean to Hydroseed a lawn?

Hydroseeding is a lawn seeding method in which selectively-blended grass seed varieties, growth-promoting fertilizers, and moisture-storing mulch are mixed together with water and sprayed onto your yard after the ground has been thoroughly graded and cleaned of debris. The wet mulch and fertilizer feed the grass seed blend, nurturing it into a healthy, green lawn. Proper and consistent watering after hydro-seeding is an important step for your lawn maintenance after hydro-seeding. It is a fast, cost-effective technique for having a beautiful and healthy lawn! 

The Clark's Landscape Hydroseeding Difference


Since your lawn is something that you will live with for a long time, it pays to start with a quality seed mix. All of Clark’s grass seed mixes are custom blended for local environmental conditions for the Michigan seasons. There are hundreds of seed varieties. Of these, Clark’s chooses the perfect few to use in your yard. Our seed blends contain a multitude of hybrid bluegrass, rye, and fescue varieties. What this means for you is a soft, low maintenance lawn that fills in quickly and always looks healthy and beautiful.


The fertilizer used in Clark’s hydroseed applications is sulfur-coated to provide a slow-release throughout the germination process of the seed. Competitive fertilizers often leach out of the root zone during the heavy watering and starve the lawn of the nutrients it requires for healthy development. Unlike these competitive fertilizers, our fertilizer is specially designed to keep your lawn healthy green.


Mulching not only holds water to keep the seed wet in the heat of the summer day, but it provides food for the grass as it breaks down. Clark’s Landscape uses the best mulches available on the market today. We use a unique blend of recycled paper and wood cellulose. This blend allows for optimum moisture retention for excellent germination.

Keeping Your Lawn Hydrated

Any type of lawn installation, be it sod or hydroseeding, requires a lot of water, especially if it’s being installed in the heat of the summer. The seed has to be kept moist to germinate. We recommend watering 3 short times a day for the first few weeks. We strongly recommend an underground irrigation system if you intend to hydroseed. It can be installed before the final grade is done, meaning it won’t have to be torn up after the lawn is established, and it will eliminate the need to drag hoses around on your newly hydroseeded lawn. It further simplifies the process and is surprisingly inexpensive.

We are happy to provide Grand Rapids hydroseeding services and are happy to extend our services all throughout West Michigan.
If you have questions regarding our hydroseeding services and would like to talk to our team today, please contact us! 

Benefits of Hydrossing with Clark's Landscape

Speed the entire process of hydroseeding your Michigan lawn is fast and very easy to implement, hence, you will be paying less for a professional company. An included benefit in this process is the hydroseed provides a moisture-retaining mulch that allows the seed to root faster than other techniques. 

Erosion Control– the ingredients that much up the hydroseed mixture will protect and bind with your soil. Your lawn will then become stronger which will help protect it against the wind- making this a great option for erosion control. 

Water Retention hydroseeding is a great option that provides water retention. It can retain up to 10x its weight in water, which ensures grass survival. 

Cost-Effective hydroseeding is cost-effective and tends to be more affordable than other traditional sodding methods. In addition, when going with traditional sodding methods you will be required to purchase fertilizers, mulch, labor costs, and others. With hydroseeding, you will pay less and it requires less maintenance.