landscape design

Landscape Design

We have very strong feelings about the purpose and goals of landscape design. We believe it is our responsibility to create a unified design that marries the home and the outside areas.  Good landscape design should bring the home and the outer areas together as one whole entity, not two separated ones.

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Build Hardscapes Landscaping

Landscape Build

When it comes to the landscape build or installing process, nothing is more important than the quality of the people doing the landscaping. Experience, training and job satisfaction are so important. At Clark’s Landscape we value all of these factors and work to implement them continuously.

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landscape design

Landscape Maintenance

If properly cared for, a lawn can last forever. In this day of “built-in obsolescence” that’s pretty cool to consider. The key phrase however, is “properly cared for.” What that means is consistent and proper lawn care maintenance. The right treatments, proper equipment, procedures, and timing.

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Welcome To Clark’s Landscape

Clark’s Landscape is a full-service landscape design and maintenance company that has been serving the greater West Michigan area for six decades. We follow a “Design/Build/Maintain” philosophy, fully capable of meeting all your landscape and maintenance needs, no matter how diverse they might be.

Our primary focus is on residential homes like yours, creating and maintaining serene landscaping environments for our clients to come home to. We know the secrets to making your yard a peaceful refuge where you can relax, regain your calm, and be “at home” and we would love a chance to do the same for you.

While we focus primarily on residential projects, we also relish the occasional commercial landscaping project as well. We have been privileged to work with, and for, many local restaurants, stores, and other industrial facilities over the years.

Clark’s Blog

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